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Parts & Repairs in Tacoma, Serving the South Sound area

Equipment Service/Maintenance

Well-running equipment is essential to your business. Don’t let your equipment let you down. Bring in your equipment for periodical service today! Scheduled maintenance shouldn’t slow you down from doing your job. Let the Pros at Aaberg’s Tool and Equipment Rental take care of it for you. Most service jobs can be performed in as little of a day so you won’t have to be without the equipment that helps you get your job done.

Equipment Repair

We can also be your repair shop. We can do repairs of any size on your equipment. If we rent it, we can fix it. Give us a call before your next repair job. One of our trained technicians will be happy to assist you and make sure the job is done right.

Aerial Equipment Annual Inspections

Annual inspections are a very important part of keeping your employees safe. Aaberg’s can perform annual inspections on your aerial gear. Call to schedule your annual inspection today. This can be done in our facility or on your site.